18 Things Girls Love To Do Alone But Will Never Admit

Every single part of this is true, FYI. I absoutely LOVE this!

Thought Catalog

1. Pulling A Hair Out Of Our Butt

As women, we tend to have long(ish) hair. Sometimes, hair falls out and finds its way up our butts—by way of crawling up there all on its lonesome or swallowing it, I’ll never know. Such occasions are always exciting and if you’re incredulous then you have obviously never pulled a 6-inch-long hair out of your butthole. It’s simply never not fun.

2. Resting Hand In Underpants

Like men, when us women are alone, sitting on our couch, watching Pawn Stars, our hand will sometimes involuntarily make its way down into our underpants. And, like men, we too find it to be comfortable as well as an efficient heating technique. Bonus points if you’ve got a bush because a) it’s enjoyable to scratch, and b) it’s fun to twirl our coarse, ringlet-shaped pubes.

3. Picking Off Our Nail Polish

After painting my…

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