The Greatest Mother On Earth

The days are slowly approaching the 5 year anniversary of my mom’s death. The nights seem to drag on and I seem to lose sleep and become more and more distracted by my emotions. Nobody will ever understood what I went through the night (and the many many days) after my mom’s passing….tonight I have sat in bed and read her letters to me over and over and over again.


“I did not give you birth, but I love you as much as I love your brother and sister. I have often thought that God sent you because he knew I needed someone like you to love. You have been the special light in my life and I am so glad God made you my little girl. Whenever you are hurt or upset, you have this adorable way of saying ‘Momma, I need you,’ but the truth is I need you.”


May you rest in peace, mommy. I may be turning 26 in just a few weeks, but never ever EVER forget that I will always be your little girl and you will always be my mommy #June42009 #Foreverinmyheart #IloveyouMommy!




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