The War with ISIS, James Foley and Obama

I’m going to go out of my normal comfort zone here and discuss the beheading of James Foley, the war with ISIS and our lovely President Obama.

For starters, I feel like I should have never watched that video. I now feel somewhat manipulated by the terrorist who posted the video because I did exactly what they wanted me to do – watch the video. Secondly, I feel that I, in some manner, contributed to the murder by watching the video. While that’s obviously my psychological demeanor speaking, I know that it’s tragic, I know it’s real and I know that it’s probably going to continue happening. Over and over and over again. With a second innocent journalist in their hands, I really hope that Obama can step up and save his life. Although I don’t know if anything that the US does will prevent them from taking another innocent American’s life.

I’m slightly distraught with our society in general. Does anyone seem to understand just how awful this situation in the Middle East is getting? I know many of us have assumed to just bat our eyelids at the sound of another  war in the Middle East, but does anyone realize what could happen if the ISIS take over? They are slowly taking over Iraq and creating a massive genocide. Innocent families and children are being forced to leave their homes and evacuate without food, water, and shelter. Children are dying from starvation and illness. While the US has sent food packets and water by air, I know it’s not enough to save the innocent lives of everyone.

Last Tuesday, ISIS had the nerve to send us a video beheading an innocent journalist and threatening another. It has now been 8 days since the brutal attack and Obama is golfing on vacation. It has been stated that US and British counterterrorism analysts are examining the video of the beheading to find out who murdered Foley. While I appreciate the dedication to finding the person who beheaded him, it’s not one person that is starting this war – it’s an entire Islamic State. With that being said, we have at least 20 journalist missing in Syria right now, many of which are believed to be in captivity by ISIS.

ISIS is threatening us by asking us to remove air strike. However, Obama defied this and has since, according to CNN, confirmed the United States carried out 14 airstrikes against mobile ISIS targets in the vicinity of the Mosul Dam.

I am eagerly and anxiously waiting to see how this plays out for us. Prayers to the family of James Foley and to all the families involved in this disgusting war.




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